maths - mathematicsEye Level Math helps improve problem-solving skills by enabling them to master concepts through a small step approach. 

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Eye Level Math platform comes in addition to the Basic Thinking Mathematics program and is provided only for Level 3-15 of our curriculum. It is a pleasant learning environment with colors and brainy exercises!

It is offered only at levels 3 to 15, because this is a part of the curriculum form mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).Through this platform we aim for our students to understand, to learn and gain speed and accuracy on math operations.

Eye Level Math Online is a supplementary program for Mathematics and if a student wishes an entry code to the platform, he must visit our center and  attend to our courses. Be sure whatsoever that your child's math will be spectacularly improved with the right combination of Online and Offline Learning.

Mastery of Math Learning

  •  maths - mathematics mastery of math learning
    - Mastery learning with BTM repetition
    - Maximization of motivation by online program
    - Maximization of learning effect by using auto
    scoring and instant feedback system
    - Arithmetic game activity
    - Easy access on accumulated records

    - Simultaneous learning of BTM & CTM
    - Learning of new concepts
    - Improvement of problem solving skill with
    various supplementary materials
    - Well systemized assessment

The innovative hybrid learning combines teaching through the physical presence of the teacher at the center and through the online courses that are competed with the computer at home! Do not miss this unique learning experience. Try it Now!