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tips for successTips for Parent consultation on school exams

As school exam period approaches, students often fall behind on their weekly assigned Eye Level booklets or even miss out on class. And because of this, students as well as parents often begin to feel that the program is quite unnecessary and may end up dropping out. Therefore, it is important that you, as a Center Director OR Instructor, figure out the expectations of your customers beforehand and cater to their needs by providing the right consultation at the right point – and in this case, it would be helpful to provide guidance on what to do as a parent before and after the school exam.

Why do we have school exams?

School exams exist not simply to select the top students (such as school entrance examinations) but to assess the students’ level of mastery of the contents learned in class. Therefore, the purpose of giving school exam is to check the students’ level of understanding along the way so that they can realize what they have missed out on or which concepts they have not completely understood.

If the test results are outstanding, it will motivate them to feel proud of themselves and have confidence. If the results are not as satisfying, it is important to figure out why they got the wrong answers, check what’s needed to make a follow-up plan, and put it into practice. Such planning is needed as they will need to fill in the missing gaps on their own – it is mostly impossible for the students to receive additional help from the school since the classes are run by the set curriculum and do not cater to each student’s needs. Therefore, it is crucial for the students to prepare well for the exam, check the results, and practice further so that the same mistakes are not made again in the future.

Once the student has been checked on one’s level of understanding through such objective examinations, the student not only needs to get motivated about good points, but also should figure out the missing parts and prepare for the next exam.

It is important for the parents and Instructors to give encouraging remarks to students regardless of the test results. Giving compliments for students’ good work and providing positive encouragement on even bad results are necessary. Parents play an important role in encouraging students to keep on trying and challenge themselves for the upcoming exams. Instructors, too, play an important part as they need to motivate the students as well as guide them to make improvements through detailed study plan.

Students need to prepare for the exam by reviewing textbooks at least 3 times with a study plan. What roles can parents, then, play for the students to yield the best results?

1. Provide tips on what to do as a parent before and after the school exam

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2. Provide the right type of consultation depending on how the grades have changed

Test Results Dropped

It is good to mainly advise on what to improve on in the future by figuring out what the issue was – whether the question was too difficult to understand, whether it was a mistake, whether the exam itself was difficult for everyone, and so forth. Therefore, it is also helpful to compare the average score with the student’s.

Test Result Remained the Same

There can be two main reasons why the grades did not change even if the student carried out the set up plan: One may be because of the student’s lack of understanding about learning goal and the other may be due to an inappropriate wrong learning method. Advise that although the grades may be disappointing for the student but that it is more important to figure out what could be improved in order to make a better result in the future.